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Reinstating Driving Privileges in New York

People in New York can have their drivers’ licenses revoked for several reasons. As outlined by the state DMV website, license revocations differ from license suspensions in that they effectively cancel licenses, requiring that completely new drivers’ license applications be made in order to restore driving privileges.

There are different factors involved in the process of reinstating driving privileges in New York. The first criterion that must be met is that the entire revocation period must be served before any attempt at obtaining a new license is made. Any fines or other penalties must be paid or appropriately cleared. At this point, a request for reinstatement can be made to the DMV Driver Improvement Unit. Persons who are on probation or who have been convicted of more than two DUI offenses in a 25-year period may face additional requirements. 

If a DIU request is approved, some fees may apply. These can range from $25 to $100 depending upon the date that a revocation was issued as well as whether or not the driving privileges include a New York State driver’s license or an out-of-state license. Reinstatement requests cannot be made by people involved in certain incidents, including:

  • Participation, whether past or current, in the Drinking Driver Program
  • A motor vehicle accident while driving uninsured
  • Possession of restricted or conditional drivers’ licenses
  • Failure to pass a DMV road test

An additional part of reinstating driving privileges after a license revocation may involve taking and passing drive tests.

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, we have worked with many people in need of restoring the privilege to drive in New York. More information about how to do this working with the department of motor vehicles is available at our website.

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