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Rollback on Speed Limit in New York to Come

Vision Zero has become a commonly referred to campaign in New York. Residents of the city should be well aware of the municipal government’s stated effort to not only reduce but to eliminate pedestrian deaths. Cracking down on speeding and finding new ways to slow drivers are integral elements to this overall effort. 

In 1964, the lowest stated speed limit in New York City was determined to be 30 miles per hour. Now, however, that is going to be changing as of November 7, 2014. A new bill was just passed by the city council that will roll back the maximum speed limit on many streets from that prior 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour. This change will take effect on all residential streets as well as any street that does not have a speed limit sign indicating otherwise. 

Given the broad scope of this change, residents and visitors alike can expect to see the new speed limit promoted and posted in multiple locations. Every entrance path to the city will broadcast the 25 miles per hour limit. Even receipts from parking meters will inform and remind drivers of the new maximum speed on select streets. As before, drivers can be subject to fines or other penalties if they receive speeding tickets. According to city records, as many as 35 percent more speeding tickets have been issued in 2014 than in 2013 by this same time.

Drivers in New York should always know that they can choose to fight a speeding ticket. Talking to an attorney may help to offer insight into this process.

Source: New York Times, “New York City Council Passes Bill Lowering the Speed Limit on Most Streets,” Patrick McGeehan, October 7, 2014

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