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Detective Convicted in DUI Case

Many people in New York may have stereotypes in their minds about alleged drunk drivers. These stereotypes may not always be very positive. However, the reality is that even those in respected positions can be found intoxicated and be charged with drunk driving.

Such was the case for one New York police detective this past April. While on duty, he was reportedly showing part of his gun to his partner when the weapon fired, hitting the partner in the wrist. The detective then took his partner to a nearby hospital. While at the hospital, the detective was found to have a blood-alcohol level that exceeded the legal limit. 

The detective was fired from the police force in May. Just recently, he entered a guilty plea to not only an assault charge but also to a DUI charge. For the DUI conviction, he will face multiple penalties which include participation in both a victim awareness program and an alcohol treatment program. His driver’s license has been suspended for an unknown length of time and he must pay $500. Once his driving privileges are reinstated, he must have ignition interlock devices on any automobile registered to him. Details regarding any penalties associated with the assault charge are not known.

This example illustrates that no person is immune from drunk driving charges, convictions or penalties. Because anyone can face these situations, it is important to understand the basics of the laws related to DUI charges in New York. Working with a lawyer may also be helpful for people charged with alcohol-related violations.

Source: NBC New York, “Former NYPD Detective Pleads Guilty to DUI, Shooting Partner in Wrist,” October 3, 2014

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