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Understanding Suspended Licenses in New York

New York drivers have seen an increase in awareness relating to traffic violations such as speeding in the past year or so as part of the mayor’s Vision Zero plan. In addition to having points on your license added when a violation occurs as well as paying fines, people can find their driving privileges suspended for certain periods of time. Understanding the state’s laws pertaining to these suspensions is important for all persons who drive in New York.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles outlines some of the situations that can lead to a suspended license. These include the following:

  • Some driving while ability impaired offenses.
  • Involvement in a fatal motor vehicle crash, even if official charges were not filed.
  • Amassing 11 or more points on a driving record within a period of 18 months.
  • Failure to file an accident report or to satisfy a judgment related to an accident.
  • Failure to pay a required Driver Responsibility Assessment.

People can even have their drivers’ licenses suspended for failure to pay child support or writing a check that does not clear to the department of motor vehicles.

When a license suspension is ordered, that driver’s license is essentially put on hold for a stated period of time. This contrasts with a license revocation in which the license is completely canceled. The driver can request a conditional license that allows for travel to and from school or work during the suspension period.

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, we understand drivers’ license suspensions and how they impact New Yorkers’ daily lives.

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