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What Violations Can Lead to License Revocation in New York?

In New York, drivers can be subject to many different consequences for traffic-related offenses. These can include the loss of driving privileges in the form of either a revoked or suspended driver’s license. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles outlines some of the offenses that can lead to license revocations and how long such revocations can last.

When a driver’s license is revoked, it is essentially canceled. In order to legally drive again after having a license revoked, a person would have to apply for a completely new license and pass appropriate testing. The following offenses can all result in revocations:

  • If a charge is made of criminal negligence, assault or homicide relating to a motor vehicle when another person has died, the charged driver can face a six-month license revocation. This same revocation can be assessed for any driver who leaves the scene of an injury or fatal accident.
  • A license will be revoked for six months for any driver found guilty of participating in a speed contest. If the offense was the second of its kind in three years, the revocation period extends to 12 months.
  • A driver convicted of illegally passing a stopped school bus three times within three years will have a license revoked for six months.
  • Conviction of three traffic misdemeanors or speeding offenses within 18 months leads to a six-month revocation.
  • Any fraudulent action pertaining to a license application, such as providing untrue information on the application, can lead to a revocation between six and 12 months.

DWI, DWAI and Aggravated DWI convictions can also result in license revocations generally lasting between six and 12 months.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information regarding drivers’ license revocations in New York.

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