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Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown in New York

Holiday times, especially when spanning a weekend, are common times for law enforcement to step up their efforts in cracking down on traffic violations. New Yorkers may often feel as though every day is a holiday with the crackdowns they have seen since the mayor launched the Vision Zero plan last year. However, there still remain more arrests and tickets over key holiday times, including forĀ driving while intoxicated.

Reports show that the recent Memorial Day weekend resulted in a total of 12,082 traffic tickets being issued throughout the state. A large number of the tickets given out were for speeding. Almost 3,600 speeding citations were written over the four days between May 22 and May 25, 2015. Violations regarding seat belts or child restraints numbered close to 3,000.

Sources indicate that sobriety checkpoints were set up at different locations in New York and saw roughly 5,500 motor vehicles pass through them. Officers arrested 187 drivers on suspicion of drunk driving. It is not known how many arrests were for DWI or DWAI charges. Additionally, the state of New York experienced 726 traffic collisions which resulted in seven fatalities and 192 personal injuries. Details were not given as to whether or not any of these fatalities or injuries were related to drunk driving arrests.

Any driver who is arrested for any form of drunk driving charge deserves help. These situations can be complicated and an arrest alone does not guarantee that a conviction can be achieved. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest may be beneficial for drivers in these situations.

Source: Ithaca Journal, “NY police make 187 DWI arrests Memorial Day weekend,” Kelsey O’Connor, May 28, 2015

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