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Get the Facts About Traffic Violations in New York

New York traffic law has seen many changes since the institution of Vision Zero in 2014. Speed limits have been lowered and enforcement of certain offenses has increased. The goal of reducing traffic fatalities is a noble one indeed but drivers in New York still have rights and should understand those when facing a speeding ticket or a citation for any other reason.

With so many changes happening recently, it is understandable that you may not know what is fact and what is fiction regarding New York traffic law. Following are some important things that you should be aware of that can help you if you receive a ticket or a summons:

  • If an officer fails to appear in court on the date noted on your summons, your case will not necessarily be automatically dismissed. Some absences by officers are allowed by the court.
  • If you miss a court date, you may still have the ability to fight a traffic ticket.
  • The same is true of any incorrect information on your summons. Courts tend to put more emphasis on the alleged violation that the logistical elements of a summons.
  • The lack of a posted speed limit sign cannot prevent you from receiving a speeding ticket.
  • You should not automatically pay a ticket simply because no points are associated with it. Even these tickets can lead to negative consequences for you.

It is also important that while you can learn some things from an officer during an arrest or ticket receipt, you should not rely on such information as the full story. Law enforcement officers are not legal advisors.

The professional team of attorneys at Martin A. Kron and Associates, LLP has helped numerous New Yorkers defend themselves against traffic violations and know how to help you.

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