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Sen. Rubio and Wife Faced Prior Threats of License Suspension

Accumulated traffic citations may result in suspended license charges. For many New Yorkers, the consequences of such charges may be serious. In some cases, however, it may be possible to have these tickets dismissed, even with a long record of traffic violations.  

The driving records of presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife have come to the public’s attention. In 2011, the senator was caught on a traffic camera running a red light. The incident led authorities to charge Mr. Rubio with license suspension. The senator’s attorney managed to have the suspension dismissed.

Mrs. Rubio’s was threatened with license suspension three times. The reasons for these potential suspensions included speeding.

Since 1997, the couple has received a total of 17 traffic citations. Mrs. Rubio was responsible for the majority of these. These violations include speeding in school zones, running stop signs and careless driving. As a result of the citations, the Rubios have paid over $1,000 in penalties.

In more recent years, the Rubios have opted to challenge their alleged traffic violations. With the help of a Miami attorney, the couple has had 9 out of their last 10 citations dismissed or cleared. Spokespersons from the senator’s presidential campaign declined to comment on these traffic violations.

Drivers may face the possibility of a revoked driver’s license for a number of reasons. If you have accumulated points on your license, you may be charged with license suspension. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to have the charge dismissed. An attorney who understands the processes of the department of motor vehicles may help you accomplish this goal.

Source: The New York Times, “Rubios on the Road Have Drawn Unwanted Attention,” Alan Rappeport and Steve Eder, June 5, 2015

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