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Woman Falsely Accused of DWI in Shocking Footage

Imagine being involved in a crash. You're already in shock from getting hit by another vehicle, and you're nervous. You may not feel well or may be in pain. You are anxious to go to the hospital or to get through the paperwork so you can go home.

Now, imagine that the same situation suddenly turns into a drug hunt. There's no reason that you should be suspected of having drugs in your possession, and you think it must be a joke. You're the victim here.

Shocking dashcam footage actually shows the officers attempting to find something to arrest the woman for, or so it seems, in a situation just like that. One suggests the woman smelled of weed, while the other takes a "second" sniff to confirm suspicions. Upon asking to check her vehicle, she agreed to the search. They had "probable cause" because they "smelled marijuana" on her. She quickly asked for her attorney moments later in the video. Since she became angry during the unreasonable search, she did curse at the police. She ended up cuffed. She was taken to the hospital, and there was no marijuana in her system.

The sad thing about this instance is that the woman was already a victim of a car crash. The police were at the scene to help after she was rear-ended, but that quickly took a turn as they began to accuse her of drug use. She had told police she was smoking a cigar in her vehicle earlier in the night, but they didn't believe her. Maybe not surprisingly, they found a cigar in her vehicle but no sign of illicit drugs.

Source: The Trentonian, "Dash cam footage of NJ Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg shows a justifiably angry woman," Jeff Edelstein, Sep. 19, 2017

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