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What Happens If You Don't Remove Snow from Your Car in NY?

In December 2019, a new law takes effect that fines you for failing to properly remove snow, ice, and hail from your vehicle when it’s in operation on public roads and highways. According to this law, you must clear snow, hail, or sleet that is up to three inches high, as well as clear surfaces such as the roof and any cargo bed.

Lawmakers believe that an excessive amount of snow on vehicles can cause accidents when it is blown off by speed or wind. For example, such materials can end up on the windshields of other vehicles, which blind other drivers. When snow and ice from cars fall on the road, it can lead to slippery conditions.

Violating this law can result in a fine ranging from $150 to $850. The exact amount of the fine will be decided by the court, based on the circumstances of the violation. Yet, no points will be added to your driver’s license.

Keep in mind, you must clear the entire surface. Removing only a small space on your windshield in order to see out of it, while leaving the rest, can still lead to a fine.

The court views payment of the fine as an admission of guilt. That is why it is important to take pictures or otherwise document the reason why you were given a ticket.

Remember, you don’t need to remove any snow unless it reaches three inches. An experienced New York traffic ticket attorney can help you contest the ticket.

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