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New NJ Law Eliminates Driver’s License Suspension for Some Offenses

In December of 2019, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a bill that ends driver's license suspension for certain offenses. Under the new statute, if a person is convicted of specific non-moving violations, possession or sale of controlled substances, or child-support related offenses, they will no longer be subject to a mandatory loss of driving privileges.

Suspending a person’s driver’s license is a way to punish illegal behavior and enforce compliance with the law. However, such sanctions often have unintended collateral consequences. Governor Murphy said that past laws that took away people's driver's licenses for something other than moving violations were "overly punitive." The new measure rectifies that.

Creating a More Just Society

The new law doesn't just make punishments fairer, it also brings greater economic and social justice to the state. The bill's primary sponsors included Senators Shirley Turner, Nicholas Scutari, and Assemblymembers James J. Kennedy, Eliana Pintor Marin, and Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, who have recognized the importance of implementing such legislation in New Jersey.

"A driver's license is needed to commute to and from work, but many jobs also require a valid driver's license just to apply," stated Senator Turner. She continued by saying, "Suspending a person's license is counterproductive."

Removing Obstacles that Make it Hard to Pay Fines

If a person’s driver’s license is suspended, getting to work can become challenging. They might miss work or lose their job and won't be able to earn the money they need to pay fines and restore their driving privileges.

"We want people to able to get to work and earn a paycheck so they can get ahead and actually pay their fines," Senator Scutari said. "This law eliminates the barriers preventing them from doing so."

Although the new law ends driver’s license suspension for some offenses, you could lose your driving privileges because of a moving violation. If you need aggressive defense to fight your traffic ticket in New York or New Jersey, call Martin A. Kron & Associates, P.C. at (212) 235-1525 or contact us online.