E-ZPass Website Glitch Causes Problems for Drivers

If you drive in New Jersey or New York, then you're familiar with the E-ZPass. This is a quick way to pay for tolls that you have to cover daily or regularly.

New Jersey's E-ZPass website made the news recently for being down. The customer service website hasn't been working and that means that the electronic toll system has been affected as well. Interestingly, despite the fact that people can't get in touch to discuss problems with the toll road, the system is still collecting tolls. No, you can't drive through without paying; it's a crime.

Although the website, automated systems, and voicemail are down, the system is still able to record violations. This is despite the fact that customers aren't able to ask about violations, check their accounts, add money to their accounts or open new accounts. No one can access anything online until problems with the system are resolved.

Not paying tolls is a traffic violation that can add up quickly. If you can't pay online, you still have to pay in person. If you can't pay in person, you may need to send in the funds through the post office.

If you're accused of a traffic violation, you should know that you can reach out to your attorney. Even though traffic violations involving tolls don't seem very serious, they can add up and affect you in the long term. It's important to know your rights if violations are filed against you that you didn't expect or know about due to a system outage like this latest E-ZPass glitch.