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Governor Cuomo on Work Zones & Speeding

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Double Trouble for Certain Traffic Violations

In 2018, there were 701 work zone crashes, 329 injuries and 13 fatalities reported by the New York State Department of Transportation. As New York City slowly reopens and traffic increases as a result, there’s something you must keep in mind: Safety.

On July 13, 2020, Governor Cuomo made an announcement urging New Yorkers to practice safe driving around construction crews and law enforcement vehicles, such as first responders. As life in New York is transitioning back to “normal,” Governor Cuomo reminds New Yorkers to “ … follow the law, use common sense and be considerate so our brave men and women can work safely."

Officials advise New Yorkers to eliminate distractions, pay attention to work zone signs and slow down and move over as needed to allow emergency responders, highway workers, tow truck drivers, police officers, etc. to do their jobs without interference, which could be deadly.


NYS VTL§ 1180f states that “  .. no person shall drive a vehicle through a highway construction or maintenance work area at a speed in excess of the posted work area speed limit.”

Speeding in work zones can result in doubled fines, while two or more convictions of speeding in a work zone could result in license suspension. If doubled fines aren’t enough to turn your stomach, a license suspension could result in a host of devastating consequences, including the loss of your job and ability to tend to your children’s needs.

Facing a Traffic Ticket? We Can Fight It.

It’s been a while since people have been on the roads since COVID-19 first impacted New York, which is why it’s beneficial to have a refresher on work zone safety rules and consequences for violating them.

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