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How to Pay a Suspension Termination Fee

No License, More Problems. Learn How to Get Your Driving Privileges Back!

If you commit a traffic law violation in New York, your license may get suspended as a result. Suspension periods could last weeks, months or even years, meaning it’s important to follow the proper protocol for retrieving your license once the suspension period ends.

Without a driver’s license, you essentially lose the ability to commute to and from work, school, appointments and other important places. Thus, you may lose your job and income, fail classes and suffer a poor reputation. While public transportation and ridesharing are solid alternatives, they can take longer, cost money and are generally more inconvenient than operating your vehicle. If an emergency arises, you need your driver’s license to help you get where you need to be.

Luckily, your license suspension doesn’t last forever in most cases, meaning you must learn how to navigate the suspension termination process.

Types of License Suspensions

A driver’s license suspension means your license and privilege to drive are revoked for a certain period before you can get it back. There are two types of license suspensions, both of which depend on the nature of your offense:

Definite suspension: Has a clear beginning and end date. The suspension termination fee is $50 unless you broke the NYS Zero Tolerance alcohol law, which requires a $100 fee. Common reasons for definite suspension include:

  • you did not have automobile liability insurance
  • you were convicted of an alcohol or drugged driving charge
  • you received too many traffic tickets in a certain amount of time
  • you did not follow the rules for junior drivers

Indefinite suspension: You must do something in order to clear your suspension and must follow the instructions on your suspension order to resolve the matter. Indefinite suspensions typically result from the following incidents:

  • you did not answer a traffic ticket
  • you did not pay a traffic ticket fine
  • you did not file a motor vehicle accident report
  • you failed to pay child support

Pay Online Due to COVID-19

Since COVID-19 still poses a threat to public health, most services are available online to help reduce the spread of the virus and keep New Yorkers safe. As such, you can pay your suspension termination fee online. To pay a definite suspension fee online, you must provide:

  • your name or DMV ID Number (Client ID Number) from your NYS driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card
  • your date of birth and gender
  • the last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • your name and address on DMV records must be correct

Your payment does not guarantee that you can get your license back. There may be other issues affecting the process, so you are accountable for knowing whether your driver’s license is valid before getting behind the wheel. It’s important to note that if you have a conditional, restricted or commercial driver’s license and pay your suspension termination fee online, you must still go to your DMV office to get your license back.

Obstacles to Getting Your License Back

Once you pay your suspension termination fee, the DMV office will mail your driver’s license back within 3 business days. However, you may not receive your license if:

  • your driver license has expired
  • you have a commercial driver license (CDL)
  • you have a conditional or restricted license

Our suspension and revocation attorney can help you navigate the process and provide the legal counsel you need to get your driving privileges back. If you have any questions or concerns, schedule a free consultation by calling (212) 235-1525 today!

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