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Beware of NYC Traffic Laws

New York City is one of the only places in the US that prohibits right turns at a red light. This is shocking considering how forward-thinking and innovative the city is known to be. In most other US cities, drivers can turn right at a red light as long as they stop first. Since many people in New York City are either tourists or visiting from other regions in New York State, it’s easy to become vulnerable to a right turn on red (RTOR) traffic violation. As such, our attorneys are ready to fight your traffic ticket so you can put your worries aside!

A 2009 study requested by community members and elected officials revealed that allowing RTOR improves intersection capacity and reduces delays and fuel consumption. The study also found that accident rates were not affected by permitting RTOR. Regardless of these benefits, the law remained unchanged since the study was conducted. We urge you to wait at the red light until it turns green, or risk facing a traffic ticket.

What Happens When You’re Notified of an RTOR Violation?

Red-light violators may either be pulled over by a police officer or notified of your ticket via mail. Rest assured, you will not suffer points added to your driving record. Your notice of violation will include:

  • The date of the violation
  • The military violation time
  • The camera location
  • The elapsed time from when the light turned red
  • The street lane that triggered the camera
  • Film photo sequence

You have 30 days to respond to your notice. If you don’t pay the specified fine within those 30 days, you may be subject to a $25 penalty on top of the initial fines you owe. If another 30 days passes with no response, enforcement action will be taken.

Possible Defenses to RTOR Violation

According to the New York City Department of Finance, possible defenses to a red light camera violation include:

  • You drove through the red light because of a health or emergency situation.
  • Your vehicle malfunctioned or was disabled.
  • You drove through the red light because you were following the instructions of law enforcement personnel.
  • You drove through the red light because you were part of a funeral procession.
  • Your vehicle or license plate was not the one depicted in the photos.
  • Your vehicle or license plate was stolen or transferred prior to the date and time of the violation.
  • Your vehicle was not the only one in the photo. It’s possible that your vehicle triggered the camera.

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