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New Jersey Drivers Could Be Protected from Out-of-State Red-Light, Speeding Camera Tickets

A piece of legislation that unanimously passed the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee could prevent New Jersey drivers from being cited or fined for alleged traffic violations detected by automated enforcement devices in other states. The bill, S460, applies to tickets issued because of conduct captured on red-light or speeding cameras.

Sponsored by Senator Nicholas Sacco, Senator Declan O’Scanlon, and Senate President Nicholas Scutari, the bill would prohibit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and other state agencies from sharing information about New Jersey driver’s with other states to fine the individual for a red light or speeding violation caught on an automated monitoring system.

Information that would not be able to be exchanged includes a person’s:

  • Photograph,
  • Social security number,
  • Driver identification number,
  • Name,
  • Address, or
  • Telephone number.

New Jersey stopped using red-light cameras in 2014 and never allowed speed cameras. Senator O’Scanlon stated that these devices have no safety benefit and may have the opposite effect. He referred to red-light and speed camera systems as “literal highway robbery.”

The bill would protect New Jersey drivers from receiving citations from out-of-state enforcement devices that are not used in their home state.

S460 must pass the full Senate and the Assembly. If it clears those, it can be sent to Governor Phil Murphy for review.

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