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New York Driver Violation Point System Changes

Navigating the bustling streets of New York City is no small feat, and the recent proposed modifications to the state's Driver Violation Point System have only made it more challenging. With the aim of removing high-risk drivers from the roads, Governor Kathy Hochul's State of the State address highlighted the possibility of stricter penalties and faster license suspensions.

In this blog post, we will delve into the key elements of these changes, offering you a comprehensive understanding of their implications for drivers in New York.

New York's Driver Violation Point System: How It Works

The Driver Violation Point System in New York assigns a predetermined number of points to each traffic violation. These points serve as a measure to determine how severely a driver's license should be impacted. In addition, accruing 11 points within an 18-monthly period could result in a license suspension.

Some common violations and their corresponding points include:

  • Reckless driving: 5 points
  • Improper cell phone use: 5 points
  • Railroad crossing violation: 5 points
  • Unsafe lane changes: 3 points
  • Leaving the scene of a property damage incident: 3 points
  • Child safety restraint violation: 3 points
  • Failure to signal: 2 points
  • Improper turn: 2 points
  • Disobeying traffic control device: 2 points

It is crucial to remember that points are not assigned at the moment you are pulled over or given a citation for a driving violation. The points are instead assessed when you are convicted of the violation, and they will be retroactively assigned to the date of the offense.

If you choose to pay the fine without contesting the violation in court, it will be considered a conviction, resulting in the assessment of points. Therefore, it is important to stay informed about the possible new regulations and work with a traffic violation lawyer.

Key Changes in New York's Driver Violation Point System

As reported by Spectrum News 1, the state's Department of Motor Vehicles will potentially implement several changes to the points system.

Here's a breakdown of the most notable updates:

  • Permanent license revocation changes: As part of ongoing efforts to promote safer roads, another proposed change aims to reduce the threshold of driving under the influence convictions required before permanently revoking a license.
  • Additional violation points: One of the proposed changes is to introduce traffic violation points for current offenses that currently do not carry any points.
  • Decreased license suspension threshold: Currently, individuals who accumulate 11 driver violation points within a span of 18 months will face the suspension of their license. However, new regulations that are currently under consideration may propose an extension of this timeframe from 18 to 24 months. If implemented, this change would result in points remaining on your driving record for a longer duration.

According to Mike Sweeney, AAA Hudson Valley’s traffic safety educator, "only time will tell" if these new regulations will have a significant impact on reducing dangerous driving behaviors.

The changes are expected to be thoroughly reviewed in the New York State Register and will remain open for public comments for a period of 60 days, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of their potential effectiveness in enhancing road safety.

Contact Our Attorneys: Keep Your License Safe

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