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October 2013 Archives

Rapper's suspended license results in arrest

New York’s traffic laws range from speed limits to vehicle licensing and more. All are intended to keep the public safe in some manner. Failure to abide by any traffic law can result in fines, points on a driving record, potential increases in insurance, jail time or more. A resident can also receive a suspended driver’s license for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay fines, certain convictions or more. If a driver chooses to get behind the wheel with a suspended license, they are vulnerable to arrest if discovered by law enforcement.

After refusing testing, Odom enters not guilty plea to DUI

People arrested for driving under the influence sometimes can feel that it is hard to fight such a case and they may not be confident in their ability to receive a fair defense. However, it is the law in New York and our nation that every person should be guaranteed such a right, no matter what crime they are accused of. This includes people accused of driving while intoxicated.

NYC tackles speeding with 284 new speed bumps

New York City is undoubtedly sees some of the busiest roadways in the nation. That means the city also sees its share of accidents, speeding and other driving violations or problems. Depending upon the nature of the offense, drivers may be fined, have points added to their driving records, face license suspensions or more.

Deadly week on NYC streets raises concerns about traffic safety

Traffic challenges and accidents are things that every New Yorkers may face at some point. However, that does not mean that citizens should disregard the laws or not focus on safety. Concern for the well-being and lives of others as well as the wish to prevent traffic violations and consequences make the need to remain safe when behind the wheel ever relevant.

MTA cracks down on bus driver traffic violations

Virtually every driver gets a traffic ticket at some point in his or her life. Often, there are extenuating circumstances that can make fighting a ticket appropriate and worthwhile. This can include some times when the traffic violations are not completely cut-and-dried or when there may be ambiguity about the situation. This can be the case for any driver whether personal or profession on New York City roadways.

DUI charge the latest for rapper

New York drivers are not able to be pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. However, if a driver is caught speeding, running a red light or clearly violating any other traffic law, he or she can be pulled over. Once stopped by an officer, a driver can be asked to undergo testing for possible DUI or DWI within certain parameters of the law.

Felony and misdemeanor charges face group of eight bikers

New York traffic law is in place to help maintain public safety and prevent accidents from happening. The law allows for prosecution for those who violate the laws but also provides for appropriate traffic ticket defense for those facing tickets or other traffic violations. Depending upon the nature of the violation and surrounding circumstances, it may be possible to obtain a lesser fine or charge.

New York cab driver traffic violations not tracked

New York traffic law has clear guidelines for assigning points and penalties for persons that receive traffic violations. Ultimate consequences can range from fines to insurance surcharges to driver’s license suspensions and beyond. Technology has evolved to aid the Department of Motor Vehicles and law enforcement units to accurately track such information.

Speeding, two DWI counts face celebrity’s mom after arrest

New Yorkers, like their counterparts around the country, face ever-increasing crackdowns on drunk driving. Public opinion about the topic has remained passionate and high for decades and continues to be the case. The consequences for a DWI arrest, let alone a conviction, can be serious and affect a driver for many years depending upon the circumstances.

Distracted driving takes center stage in New York

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a natural thing that people do every day in our society, sometimes with little thought as to the privileges inherent or the laws governing it. Today’s New York traffic law, however, are clear and sometimes strict in an effort to ensure public safety and minimize motor vehicle accidents and other problems.

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