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How Do I Obtain a Commercial Driver’s License in New York?

Commercial drivers’ licenses are required to operate a myriad of vehicles in multiple business sectors. From school buses to tractor trailers, a great many driving jobs can only be obtained with the possession of a valid commercial driver’s license. People wishing to work in these positions should understand what is involved in obtaining the right type of licensure.

As noted by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the first requirement that must be met before even applying for a commercial license in New York is to hold a valid non-commercial driver’s license in New York or a commercial license from another state. For persons with out-of-state commercial licenses, those will need to be surrendered before such a license can be issued in New York State. Federal medical guidelines must also be met to ensure that no health conditions exist that would prevent the safe operation of commercial vehicles.

A copy of the state’s Commercial Driver’s Manual should be obtained from the DMV. This will provide guidance as to which type of license is best suited to each person. There are different restrictions and requirements for different types of commercial licenses. The DMV can issue a commercial learner permit after the successful passing of a written test. Following appropriate lessons with a driver licensed in an area comparable to the type of licensure sought, a permitted driver can take the driving road test and, if that is passed, receive a New York State commercial driver’s license the following business day.

Commercial drivers are subject to all New York traffic law stipulations and can receive fines and points for any traffic violations just as non-commercial drivers. This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information regarding how to get a commercial driving license in New York.

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