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Understanding Out-Of-State Traffic Violations in New York

When drivers receive traffic tickets in their home states, the penalties are generally understood or can be found with some help. When drivers receive traffic tickets outside of their home states, however, the process can become more complicated, especially if they wish to avoid default convictions or to pursue defense actions against the allegations.

There can be two different scenarios involving out-of-state violations. The first is when a New York driver is cited outside of the New York State boundaries. The second is when a driver from a state other than New York is cited in New York State. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles website explains clearly that the state has a traffic law agreement with its two neighboring Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec. This agreement allows for violations in any location to count against drivers in their home locations. That means a New Yorker who receives a speeding ticket in Montreal, for example, can have points added to a New York driver’s license for the offense and vice versa.

For violations that happen in other states, New York drivers may be exempt from points in New York. However, an out-of-state driver ticketed in New York should consult with the home state DMV to determine any impact that may result from the citation. It is not safe to assume that no record will be noted.

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, we understand how to help drivers from other states or even Canadian provinces to successfully fight a traffic ticket and more information about this is available on our website. 

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