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Drivers Under Siege in New York City

When New York City’s mayor announced the Vision Zero campaign at the beginning of 2014, residents in and around the city had much to learn. Since then, dramatic changes have been seen all in the name of improving safety for pedestrians. To many motorists, the changes seem to focus equally on cracking down harder and harder on drivers and issuing as many citations for traffic violations as possible.

Recent reports confirm that enforcement of traffic laws has increased as speed limits have dropped and more intersection cameras have been installed or approved. Slow zones have also highlighted the city’s program. Part of the latest effort is the creation of a video ad that shows a child on a bike being hit by a car. The presumption is that the driver of the vehicle was negligent.

The city has also produced a longer video that showcases the stories of five people killed either on foot or on bike due to the actions of vehicle drivers. What is not always discussed when the increased number of tickets for speeding or other violations is mentioned is the increase in revenue received from the associated fines. Insurance surcharges also can cost drivers a lot of money over time.

Every person who drives in New York City should be extra aware of the Vision Zero movement. Reducing traffic accidents is always a good thing but so too is avoiding unnecessary and sometimes harsh consequences that can even include jail sentences. Drivers may wish to consult with an attorney when the need to fight a traffic ticket arises.

Source:, “Can This Ad Convince You to Change the Way You Drive?,” Sarah Goodyear, May 5, 2015

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