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The Two Types of License Suspension in New York

Despite the fact that New York City is known around the world for its public transportation system, millions of residents continue to rely on their own vehicles on a daily basis. Having a suspended driver’s license can have a profound and costly impact on a person’s life, as being prevented from driving can prohibit someone from doing everything from going to work to care for his or her children. Having an understanding of the two primary types of driver’s license suspension in the state, as well as where NY suspended licenses are enforced, is an important part of defending against such penalties.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles explains that there are multiple circumstances under which a person’s driving privileges can be suspended under the law. A suspended driver’s license prohibits a person from operating any motor vehicle for a predetermined amount of time or indefinitely in some cases. For instance, a person may receive an indefinite suspension order pending some action on his or her part. Failing to answer a traffic ticket, file an automobile accident report, pay off due taxes and/or make ordered child support payments can all result in having one’s driver’s license suspended indefinitely.

A driver’s license can also be suspended for a definite amount of time, and this type of suspension order is often associated with some sort of penalty for a traffic violation. Allowing an underage or new driver to operate a vehicle outside the terms of his or her permit, for example, can result in a person having his or her license suspended for a specific time period. Many drug and alcohol-related driving offenses also carry suspension and/or revocation penalties. There are also instances where failure to maintain automobile liability insurance can result in a definite suspension order.

Considering the two types of suspended driver’s license that a person can face in New York, people should also be aware of where a license suspension can be enforced. According to, most states across the country will monitor and enforce the terms of a driver’s license suspension issued in New York.

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