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Traffic Violations: Follow the Traffic Laws or Face Penalties

Most people have violated traffic laws at one point or another. Whether it's accidentally running a stoplight or stop sign or speeding on the highway in New Jersey, there are few who can say that they've never broken the law.

Despite the fact that these people have not gotten caught, they've still broken the law, so it doesn't make it right for others to make the same mistakes. Even if the vehicle next to you is speeding 15 or 20 mph over the limit, you could end up getting stopped by the police if you're trying to keep up.

What should you do if an officer asks you to stop for a traffic violation?

If an officer pulls up behind you with their lights or lights and sirens on, it's your responsibility to pull over to the side of the road or to pull over at the next safe area to do so. To allow the police to know that you plan to pull over, you may wish to turn on your hazard lights and slow down, especially if you're unable to stop right away.

When the officer comes to speak with you, they will ask for your license and registration as well as proof of insurance. You should provide it, but be careful when discussing the stop. You can ask why the officer stopped you, but you should not agree that you committed a traffic violation or agree to a search of your vehicle unless the officer has a warrant or probable cause to do so.

If you do end up arrested for some reason or are given a ticket, you should reach out to your attorney to learn about what you should do next.

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