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Know Your Rights If You've Committed a Traffic Crime

Traffic crimes are different than violations. Why? They're usually more serious. Someone with a traffic violation might have parked in the wrong place or accidentally went over the speed limit. People with traffic crimes on their records did something a little worse, like driving recklessly or with a suspended license.

While not all traffic crimes result in crashes or result from crashes, some do. Those that cause injury to others are taken extremely seriously and can result in penalties that range from heavy fines to prison sentences.

One of the most significant traffic violations is leaving the scene of an accident. If you've done this, it's important to talk to your attorney right away. Leaving the scene when someone may have been hurt or when there is damage to their vehicle can get you into deep trouble with the law once you're caught.

Your attorney can help you defend yourself and show why you either didn't know that a crash occurred or could not stay at the scene for legitimate reasons. There are also other ways that your attorney can protect you against unfair treatment if you're accused of leaving the scene when there was an accident.

At the end of the day, traffic crimes are much more serious than violations, so it's important to call your attorney and talk them through what happened. With early intervention and support, it's possible to protect yourself and work toward a solution that you can live with. Your freedoms and rights need to be protected whenever you face charges of any kind from authorities.

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