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April 2014 Archives

DWAI and fleeing accident scene charges for teacher

New York’s traffic laws are strictly enforced, especially with the Vision Zero plan in full force, spearheaded by the city’s mayor. Whether speeding, collisions or drunk driving, motorists must take caution when involved in any such incident. Complicated circumstances can leave drivers vulnerable to incorrect arrests or more severe penalties that are necessary.

First of 25 arterials to have speed limit reduced is announced

A large percentage of licensed drivers have at one time or another received a traffic citation. Speeding tickets are among the most common type of tickets that drivers in New York receive. Even the safest of drivers can find themselves in a situation where they may receive a ticket for speeding. Depending upon the circumstances, only fines may be assessed but penalty points or even license suspensions can be ordered.

Distracted driving focus of Operation Hang Up

Drivers in New York City may lately feel under siege with the Vision Zero and related campaigns intended to reduce traffic fatalities. An increased number of slow zones, speed bumps and traffic cameras are routinely reported on as of late. Even jaywalkers are at an increased risk of being ticketed than before. However, it is not just in New York City that drivers must beware of being stopped for traffic violations.

Reduction in vehicular deaths on NYC streets for 2014

Whether visitors or residents, any person who must drive, ride or walk on the streets of New York has to navigate extremely congested roadways and the accompanying dangers. The risk of an accident can be always present and the penalties for anyone involved in an accident can be high as well, especially when traffic violations are involved.

Number of tickets issued from cameras hits five-year low

Most of the time, drivers in New York operate vehicles safely and responsibly. Even when exceeding the speed limit, concern for safety can still exist. Certainly the risk of speeding tickets can work to keep speeds down for some motorists but slowing down may not always been sufficient or even possible and can lead to fines, points and other consequences.

Man faces suspended license in two states after DWI conviction

Drivers in New York can be cited for and convicted of drunk driving even if they hold drivers’ licenses in other states. Any driver must obey the local laws when driving in New York and may be subject to the same penalties as residents of the state. This can include a suspended driver’s license, fines, jail time and more.

Additional speed cameras sought in New York City

All around the streets of New York City, various slow zones or other anti-speeding efforts have been implemented over the course of several months. Drivers who are found exceeding the speed limit may be liable for speeding tickets and resulting fines, points and even driver’s license suspensions. The consequences of vehicular traffic tickets can be harsh and leave drivers looking for help.

DWI and other charges levied against Deputy Mayor

Laws against drinking and driving in New York and around the country have grown stronger and stronger in recent decades. However, drivers cannot be stopped initially for driving while intoxicated as police would not be able to prove this. An initial traffic stop for another reason must first be warranted and then, if alcohol or drugs are suspected to be involved, further testing can take place. Depending upon the results of those tests, an arrest for DWI, DUI or DWAI can be made.

Man ticketed for vaping

New Yorkers know all too well that area law enforcement have increased vigilance against speeding and other actions believed to be hazards to public safety. Traffic violations can result in high fines, increases in insurance costs and even state surcharges. For some people, the ability to fight a traffic ticket is difficult and without the proper help, they may end up with their driver’s license suspended if they do not receive the right help.

Old traffic ticket data can now be used for new citations

Drivers in New York have always had to take caution against traffic stops and citations. Following the laws of the road is a way to stay safe and to avoid fines and other penalties like points on a driver’s license. As the city continues its crackdown on speeding and other traffic violations, more and more drivers are at risk of receiving tickets, requiring greater care on the part of all residents.

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