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September 2014 Archives

What happens after you receive a traffic ticket in New York?

A driver can receive traffic tickets for a variety of reasons in New York, from parking citations to driving while intoxicated. Certainly speeding tickets have garnered a lot of attention in the past several months with the implementation of slow zones and other efforts to crack down on drivers who exceed the stated speed limits. Traffic violations are generally categorized in one of three ways--criminal, parking and non-criminal.

New York’s commercial driver’s license requirements

Drivers in New York have been under increasing scrutiny in the past year with the introduction of the mayor’s Vision Zero plan, the institution of slow zones and more. Such vigilance extends to commercial drivers as well. The consequences that people with commercial driving licenses face for some violations such as a speeding ticket or a DUI conviction can be more far-reaching as it can impact their abilities to perform their jobs.

New database to track drug and alcohol use of commercial drivers

People who hold commercial drivers’ licenses in New York must abide by the same traffic laws that other drivers follow. In addition, they are subject to oversight from the government agency, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This organization recently announced its plans to develop a comprehensive system built around a database to track and monitor drug and alcohol use among drivers in an effort to curb drugged or drunk driving.

Speed camera use expected to increase near schools

Speeding tickets continue to garner great emphasis and attention by New York City’s government. The current mayor is continuing to fulfill the vision of the former mayor by promoting further crackdowns on speeding in the city. The effort is also noticed throughout the state. This leaves more drivers at risk for receiving tickets, sometimes even when they may not be truly deserved.

Distracted driving focus of DA’s new plan

Many things can cause drivers in New York to be hit with points on their driving records as well as the requirement of paying high fines. Speeding has certainly taken center stage not just in New York City but statewide with the installment of more speed cameras at intersections near schools. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol continues to result in serious consequences for convicted drivers. These are just some of the traffic violations that are receiving serious attention from law enforcement as well as lawmakers these days.

The differences between license suspensions and revocations

Fines and points added to driving records may be the most well-known consequences that drivers in New York face after receiving traffic tickets but they are certainly not the only ones. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, license suspensions and license revocations may be ordered based upon the nature of the offenses or other extraneous circumstances. Each of these penalties is given for different reasons and has its own associated way to reinstate driving privileges.

Understanding the penalties for speeding tickets in New York

At the Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP law firm, we have seen the impact on residents in the greater New York City area of the increased oversight by law enforcement on speeding. Creation of many new slow zones, installation of red-light cameras and more are all integral parts of the mayor’s plan to eradicate pedestrian deaths in the city over the next 16 years. With this in mind, having a good understanding of the penalties associated with speeding tickets in New York is important for all drivers.

What is New York’s driver point system?

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles tracks all information associated with residents’ drivers’ licenses. This includes any violations such as speeding tickets, drunk driving convictions or license suspensions. Every type of violation is assigned a certain number of points and drivers who amass multiple points over a certain time period may face specific penalties.

Understanding the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program

A New York driver who receives a default conviction for traffic infractions or even a conviction after an attempted defense against an alleged traffic violation may face a range of penalties. The state of New York has many programs and processes in place to monitor a driver’s activities and records. One of these is the assessment of points on records. Another is the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program.

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