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May 2014 Archives

Cameras generate revenue and controversy

Law enforcement utilizes many different ways to identify New York drivers that violate traffic laws. Motorcycle officers and officers in other vehicles can be positioned at key locations to watch specifically for traffic violations. Traffic tickets can result in fines and points on a license or even a license suspension depending upon the circumstances.

Suspended license leads actor to police station

As the public becomes more and more aware of New York’s crackdown on speeding, it is still important to remain aware of the legal ramifications of other potential vehicular violations that one can be charged with. Driving with a suspended license is one such offense. Depending on the particular situation, fines or other penalties may apply to persons found guilty of operating a vehicle with a suspended driver’s license.

Leandra's Law leads to felony arrest for woman

Depending on the circumstances of a specific case, some people who are arrested for suspected drunk driving in New York are charged with misdemeanors and others are charged with felonies. As such, the potential penalties may vary for the different charges related to driving while intoxicated. The existence of any previous DWI or DUI convictions may be one factor that affects the charge of a current situation.

Speed cameras subject of debate in New York

New York drivers must be on alert for dangerous behaviors every time they take to the streets. Staying safe on congested roads is not always an easy task. Local traffic law is stipulated to help keep drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians safe but they are also means by which local municipalities generate income from the fines that are imposed.

Police operations yield increase in traffic tickets

Drivers in New York are aware of the multiple potential consequences to traffic violations. Depending upon the circumstances, penalties may include high fines, points added to records, revocations or suspensions of driving privileges and more. Citations can be written for a number of different reasons. Speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, reckless driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving are common reasons that motorists receive traffic tickets.

Multiple New York officers arrested for drunk driving

With New York law enforcement seeming to crack down harder and harder on people who speed or break other traffic laws, it can be all too easy to assume that all people who are arrested or ticketed are irresponsible. The truth is that many honest people can be in situations that lead to potential charges for a wide range of things. For example, some people can have elevated blood alcohol levels after even just one drink that would open them up to a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Motorcycle driver faces multiple charges including reckless driving

Speeding is one of the most targeted actions by New York law enforcement as of late. The Vision Zero program and other campaigns are clearly out to reduce the speed of drivers on New York roads. Speeding tickets can carry with them hefty fines, points on a driver’s license and even a driver’s license suspension. Certainly safety is a priority for all New Yorkers but so too is the need for a traffic ticket defense when faced with serious charges.

Community service and use of IID ordered for Lohan

Drivers in New York that receive traffic tickets or that are arrested for various traffic violations can find themselves subject to a wide range of penalties. Points on driving records, fines, reinstatement fees and even jail time can be faced depending upon the offense. A conviction for driving while intoxicated can include all of the above and more. However, it is important for defendants to know that options do exist to reduce the ultimate penalties even if they are convicted.

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