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November 2014 Archives

How are traffic tickets handled in New York?

Anyone who drives in New York should have an understanding of the area’s methods for processing traffic ticket cases. Drivers with New York drivers’ licenses as well as licenses from other states can receive traffic summonses in New York and both are handled in the same manner. Proper responses are important to help minimize or reduce fines, points or other associated penalties of traffic violations.

New York drivers urged to slow down with new speed limit

Drivers in New York face some of the nation’s busiest and most congested roads. The large number of pedestrians, taxi cabs, buses, bicycles, passenger cars, trucks and more that must share the roads can create unique challenges for drivers of any vehicle type. The City of New York has been implementing many changes designed to slow drivers down over time and that trend is expected to continue for several years.

How do I obtain a Commercial Driver’s License in New York?

Commercial drivers’ licenses are required to operate a myriad of vehicles in multiple business sectors. From school buses to tractor trailers, a great many driving jobs can only be obtained with the possession of a valid commercial driver’s license. People wishing to work in these positions should understand what is involved in obtaining the right type of licensure.

Understanding out-of-state traffic violations in New York

When drivers receive traffic tickets in their home states, the penalties are generally understood or can be found with some help. When drivers receive traffic tickets outside of their home states, however, the process can become more complicated, especially if they wish to avoid default convictions or to pursue defense actions against the allegations.

What is Vision Zero?

In the past year, the mayor of New York City has worked vigorously to promote what is called Vision Zero. Most New Yorkers have no doubt heard about this but it is important to have a good understanding of what it entails as it could impact people in unique ways. At its core, the Vision Zero Action Plan is a program designed to end all traffic deaths and injuries whether related to drunk driving or other factors.

Reinstating driving privileges in New York

People in New York can have their drivers’ licenses revoked for several reasons. As outlined by the state DMV website, license revocations differ from license suspensions in that they effectively cancel licenses, requiring that completely new drivers’ license applications be made in order to restore driving privileges.

Understanding criminal traffic violations in New York

When most people receive a traffic ticket, they assume it is a civil matter. Most of the time, this is true. However, there are some vehicular citations which are actually criminal matters in the state of New York. These charges can have higher fines and more serious penalties for both individuals as well as companies when commercial drivers are involved. Understanding what these are can be helpful to people who may face such situations.

Driver charged in pedestrian accident

New York drivers are well aware of the city’s increased efforts to crack down on speeding and other actions. The Vision Zero plan states directly that the goal is to eliminate all pedestrian deaths. Some things like speeding have been identified as key contributors to these incidents. However, there are also other factors which can influence such accidents and leave drivers facing serious charges, such as driving while intoxicated.

What happens when you do not respond to a traffic ticket?

It might seem to some New York residents lately that law enforcement is handing out more and more traffic tickets. Red light cameras, slow zones and a general heightened awareness of the Vision Zero mission all work together to yield this sense within the community. Sometimes, drivers in New York can feel unsure of how to respond to traffic tickets or have conflicts that prevent them from appearing at their stated court dates. If no responses are provided within the stipulated times, drivers can receive default convictions.

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